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Getting an awesome new tattoo is worth nothing
if you don't take care of it and let it heal correctly.

Everyone's skin heals at a different rate, but a new tattoo will typically take about two weeks to heal on the surface, and completely into the deeper layers of skin after about a month (although sometimes longer). During that time it will peel, flake, and look a little different than when you got it. Please be patient and remember, you are preserving a piece of art that you will have for a lifetime.

We recommend the following

When you leave the tattoo shop, your tattoo will be wrapped and bandaged. Leave that first wrap on for 1-2 hours until you make it home or to a clean place and are able to wash it.

Wash your hands.

Remove the wrap/bandage and properly dispose of it.

Immediately, using only your freshly washed hands warm water and a mild antibacterial soap, wash your tattoo, rinse, and PAT DRY with a new clean paper towel. (repeat this step 2-3 times daily until the tattoo is healed)

Apply a very light coat of lotion or ointment to the tattoo. Not much is needed, make sure whatever is used is absorbed into the skin, remove any excess.

After 24-48 hours use only a mild, non-scented lotion 3-4 times a day (minimally, just enough to allow your tattoo to stay moist and promote your skin healing). Continue this until your tattoo is healed and has fully peeled and flaked.
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Vaseline, Neosporin, or A&D ointment, as well as any petroleum based product.

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Pick, slap, scratch, lick, or allow any body fluids into your new tattoo.

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Submerge or soak your tattoo (swimming, or in the tub) for at least two weeks.

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Expose a new tattoo to the sun or a tanning booth for at least 30 days. Sunscreen is highly recommended after that.

We recommend using redemption tattoo care to heal our tattoo's other less qualified options are listed below. Aquaphor, and fragrance free lotions such as Aveeno, or Curel. If any problems arise, contact The Burnt Tiger, or contact your physician



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