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Hr Block


We specialize in many forms of tattooing and are a full custom shop. We have the ability to design you a completely new, customized tattoo, specifically for you. We do not have any pictures on our walls for you to come in and choose from, but we do have the ability to work on your old/existing tattoo as a retouch, cover tattoos you are not happy with, or give you a completely new tattoo that will make your friends fully jealous of your one of a kind piece of art that you wear forever.

All artists are fully trained, certified in blood-borne pathogen training yearly and use only the cleanest and most sterile equipment. All appropriate equipment is tested and monitored with full professional autoclave sterilization. Every other piece of equipment is fully disposable, and used in a single tattoo session only. New sterilized needles are used during each session of tattooing, and each setup and station is completely sanitized between each session and each client.


We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. (We no longer accept American Express, because who really does.. no one.. no one that runs an honest small business at least.) Payment must be made in full by the end of each session that is being worked on, no exceptions.. NO CHECKS. .. all of these forms of payment are accepted, but cash is always king.


You MUST be at least 18 years old with a STATE OR GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID (that shows your birthday and picture...eg; drivers license, state id, F.O.I.D. card, passport) no school id's etc will be allowed..... You must be at least 18...... and no, your parents or friends can't sign for you. Paperwork will be filled out, and accompanied by a copy of your ID before the start of any and every session; in compliance with the regulations of the State of Illinois, Department of Public Health.


Appointments are suggested, but not required. Each artist works off of their own schedule, some artists book up sooner than others, while some prefer walk-ins... Appointments are scheduled by each individual artist and require a non-refundable deposit to set. Each Appointment is given preference, while walk-ins are handled on a first come first served basis as time allows.


Deposits are required to set up ALL appointments. Deposits may be made with each individual artist and may be made in the form of cash, or credit card purchase. Deposits will be held for up to 3 months, and are subject to cancellation policy (following) terms. Deposits are non-refundable, and will be held to the final session of any multiple-session tattoo.


We follow a strict cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel or reschedule an appointment, a minimum 24 hour notice is required(although longer is much appreciated and preferred). Appointments that do not give at least 24 hour notice will forfeit full deposit amount, and will require a new deposit to set up new appointment. Clients tardy or showing up later than 20 minutes after appointment time will forfeit deposit and artist may move on to next available client. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to the cancellation policy.Please reconsider getting tattooed if you are sick, or pregnant and set an appointment for when you are not.


Tattoo anyone that is drunk, inebriated, on drugs, or generally being an asshole. We hold the right to refuse service to anyone.



Hr Block

2438 W. Irving Park rd
Chicago IL, 60618

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Hr Block

Tuesday through Saturday
from 1pm until 9pm.


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